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We have produced and self funded three factual documentaries for the film festival platform.

The first of these was the critically acclaimed SILVER SALMON AND THE MECHANICAL PONY, which received the first prize (Golden Smokie) at the 2004 Fairport film festival. An in depth look at the salmon netting industry on St Cyrus beach on the north east coast of scotland, through the eyes of local fishermen. It is 30 min in duration.

We have also produced two five minute documentaries about Brechin's cathedral and round tower. These are both historically important as they document two important periods for these buildings.

The first being the LIGHTING OF THE CATHEDRAL where the installation, blessing and lighting of the cathedral was captured for the first time. The congregation was present to see the local minister carry out the srvice at this unique event.

The second documentary RINGING OF THE TOWER BELL was a true piece of history, the gathering of musicologists from all over Scotland came to recreate a scene not heard for over 800 years.

Original hand held CELTIC bells were rung from the top of Brechin’s round tower, to replicate a slice of 11th century life. These bells were used to summon the congregation to worship or warn of danger.

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